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Hollywood Bed is the hospitality industry manufacturer of choice for outstanding Bedding Support Products. We pride ourselves on choice materials, internationally patented products and unparalleled customer service. Our high standards and innovative engineering, design and construction have made us the leader in premium quality Bedding Support Products.

For decades, Hollywood Bed products have been chosen for thousands of guest rooms in hotels of all sizes and designs – from small independent boutiques to the largest international chains. We are the approved vendor for some of the world’s most prestigious hotel brands because we’re equipped to meet the specific requirements and standards for properties throughout the world. Hollywood Bed has the products, expertise, capabilities and customer service to meet your project’s unique requirements.

Hollywood Bed’s Bedding Support Products are proven to endure today’s demanding hospitality environments and are designed for ease of assembly. Our long-standing commitment to premium quality materials results in superior products and less waste in both materials and time.