Maya Romanoff

Extraordinary Surfacing Materials

The Story of Maya Romanoff

Maya Romanoff is the largest manufacturer of handcrafted wall coverings in the United States. For more than 50 years, our artisans have incorporated glass beads, gold leaf, seashells, wood and stitching right in our Chicago studio. Whether it is produced on-site or abroad, handmade or a Type II 54″ vinyl, every product is put through Maya Romanoff’s rigorous standard for quality, beauty and innovation, with a guiding mantra: “Make every wall beautiful!”

A Company of Makers

Every aspect of our business relates back to the pride and satisfaction of creating. Our inspiration is the materials themselves; from gold leaf to wood to glass beads to vinyl, our job is to coax out the beauty. We always try to stay as close to the material as possible; we do not cover it up with heavy colors or finishes, but rather enhance it.

“It’s got to be beautiful.”

Once we have a wall covering we would want to live with in our own homes, we work to make sure it installs flawlessly, passes Class A fire test, is cleanable & durable, seams well and is available at a price point commensurate with its value.